Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to JMCE will be screened for plagiarism before reviewed by experts with double-blind peer-review mechanism, based on which editorial boards will decide whether to accept, reject, or request revisions of the articles.

Reviewers are responsible in reading and evaluating manuscripts in their fields of expertise in order to give constructive feedback, critique, and recommendation to the authors.

Before evaluating the manuscripts, reviewers should confirm that the topic of the manuscripts suits their fields of expertise. If the topic does not suit their expertise, they are expected notify the editors and recommend an alternative reviewer.

When evaluating the articles, reviewers comment directly on the document file and fill in the reviewer form regarding the following:

  1. The clearness of the title
  2. The suitability of the topic to the journal’s focus and scope
  3. The representation of article content in the abstract
  4. The comprehension on problems in the introduction: the newest development of the issue, summary of relevant research, discussion of previous findings, theories, concepts, research aims and inquiries
  5. The details of methodology and research procedures, and the suitability of the design to answer research inquiries
  6. The logical analysis of findings and comparison to previous research result. Articles that are not based on research should be evaluated for the logical consequence between sub-headings.
  7. The suggestion for further research
  8. The functionality of figures and tables
  9. The completeness of reference list

Reviewers comments will be considered for editorial decision and are highly appreciated.